3 Reasons Why Your Mill Pump is Underperforming

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Mine sites are faced with many challenges that can have an impact on production. Many of these challenges have solutions especially when it comes to slurry transport applications. Securing and installing the proper pump for your primary cyclone feed application can have a significant impact on meeting production goals to include longer life and monetary savings.

This webinar will take a close look at three major challenges faced by mining operations, what happens when those challenges aren’t addressed, and key steps that can be taken to correct and avoid such challenges. We will examine the topics of incorrect pump size, insufficient wear life and insufficient available power.

If you’ve asked yourself the question: “Why am I not getting the right performance from my cyclone feed pump”? Then join us for an engaging session with a real life case study and three solutions to get optimum performance from your pump.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn the importance of selecting the right slurry pump to your process conditions.
  • Learn the importance of routine pump adjustments and how they can extend your parts wear life.
  • Case Study: RAMSL Technology makes pump adjustments even easier.

Target Audience

  • Plant engineers
  • Engineering managers
  • Plant managers
  • Purchasing


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Gary Moore
Mining Manager

Gary Moore is the North America Global Mining Manager at KSB. Gary has 38 years of experience in the mining industry. In his current role, he manages all North American sales business for KSB Mining and is involved with international projects developed and completed in North America. During his extensive career, Gary secured the largest aluminium project for the Vedanta Mining Corporation in India, which included 224 slurry pumps as well as a significant amount of non-slurry and chemical pumps. The final contract was over 400 pump units.

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Leo Perry
Engineering, Lead Product Manager – GIW® Slurry Pumps

Leo has worked in the product development of centrifugal slurry pumps for over 14 years, since joining GIW Industries (A KSB Company) as a Design Engineer in 2007. From 2010 until 2019, he held the role of Senior Engineer, overseeing the design and analysis activities for various product lines including the MDX, HVF, and TBC type series. Notable design projects from this time include the DWD-84, HVF-M450, TBC-92, and RAMSL. Since the establishment of KSB Mining on January 1, 2020, Leo has held the role of Lead Product Manager, directing the product management activities for all GIW® slurry pump products. He is also a regular contributor to the annual GIW Maintenance Course. Leo holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from the University of Florida, as well as a Master of Science in Engineering Management from Kennesaw State University. He is also a registered Professional Engineer (PE) in the state of Georgia.

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