6 Steps to Avoid Medical Device Shipping Fiascos

Best practices for shipping medical devices for new sales, demos and tradeshows to ensure a high-level customer experience.

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Why attend?

Are you concerned that your devices will arrive damaged?

Have COVID-related supply chain issues shortened your timeline for delivery?

Are you experiencing customs delays or finding customs paperwork such as commercial invoices and harmonized codes to be complicated?

In this webinar, Mercury will be discussing 6 steps to avoid medical device shipping fiascos. We’ll discuss key differences when shipping from a manufacturer, warehouse or your office. 

  • Important information needed about your recipient to ensure a smooth delivery.
  • How exactly your shipment will travel through the network and whether to use a customized crate/pelican case or strap it to a pallet.
  • Different levels of insurance available and what to expect in terms of payment if you suffer loss or damage.
  • How to figure out your harmonized code
  • What are INCOTERMS and how to select the right ones for your company.
  • Pro’s and con’s of shipping reagents and other consumables together with your device.

This webinar is for those medical device companies who are currently or plan on shipping and have come across issues involving these topics or new startups who want to gain as much knowledge around medical device shipping as possible.  Mercury’s expert team has 20+ years of experience shipping medical devices domestically and internationally. We have experience with shipping instruments, devices, equipment, consumables, reagents and more.

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Key Learning Objective

  • Learn how to avoid medical device shipping fiascos

Target Audience

  • C-level
  • Field Service
  • Engineering


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Peggy Griffin
Vice President Of Sales

Peggy Griffin has specialized in Healthcare & Life Science shipping for years. She has supported medical device startups go from an idea, through FDA approval to multiple companies which have gone public.

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Josh Medow

Josh Medow is the Chief Executive Officer of Mercury Business Services, a growing shipping company focused on Healthcare & Life Sciences companies particularly medical device, diagnostic kit and life science research organizations.

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Chris Kelley
Vice President Of Operations

Chris Kelley has worked in the shipping industry for just under 30 years. He has consulted with numerous medical device companies helping them establish shipping best practices. Chris is the Vice President of Operations at Mercury, responsible for our global operations.

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