ALD – the perfect thin film coating technology for electronical implants

Hermetic coating increases patient safety and ensures longer lifetime and improved reliability for electronical implants

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Digital healthcare has seen a tremendous development during past years with implantable electronics being part of ever-increasing number of treatment plans for patients. Consequently, need for advanced medical devices is rapidly expanding with ever tightening requirements as increasing number of complex therapeutic devices are implanted on the most sensitive areas of the body such as brain, spine, heart and eyes.

To ensure long lifetime and to reduce potential side effects in such environment, particular attention needs to be paid to the protective and biocompatible coating providing hermetic sealing, structural integrity and corrosion resistance to protect the device from the detrimental impact due to human body environment and to prevent the device releasing harmful substances to the surrounding tissue. The perfect protective coating therefore needs to be a biocompatible, pinhole-free barrier capable of uniformly coating devices with widely varying sizes and shapes to render them inert towards human body and vice versa, for decades after implantation.

Traditional thick film coating methods such as CVD, PVD or parylene tend to have limited utility on one or more of the requirements above. Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technology allows fabrication of ultra-thin, highly uniform and conformal material layers of exact thickness to atomic level and chemical composition on a variety of substrates, including highly temperature-sensitive organic materials. The technology was originally brought into large scale use by the semiconductor industry but has after that been applied to a variety of applications, including the latest MedTech innovations. Using ALD as the coating method for electronical implants improves patient safety as well as ensures longer lifetime and improved reliability for the implant.

Picosun’s ALD solutions have been in production for years at various medical industries including electronical implant protection. The coatings have been tested and proven to be non-cytotoxic, biocompatible, and to have antibacterial or bioactive function.

Join our webinar to learn more how ALD will revolutionize the MedTech industry, especially in the field of electronical implants, and create added value and competitive edge to your products. We will present the latest results on the superior hermeticity of our ALD encapsulants as a protective barrier against human tissue fluid. We have proven results on suppression of bacterial growth and ultra-low levels of bacterial endotoxins, surpassing even the strictest requirements of implant industries.

Key Learning Objectives

  • The benefits of ALD compared to the conventional coating methods used in electronical implants
  • Practical examples how Picosun’s biocompatible, hermetic ALD encapsulant coatings can improve the operational reliability, lifetime and safety of electronical implants
  • The current state and future potential of ALD coatings in MedTech


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Juhani Taskinen
VP, Medical Business Area

Juhani Taskinen has an extensive international career and background in the medical field, and proven track record in driving profitable business growth and leading successful collaboration activities in these industries. He has held various leading general management, sales and marketing, and business development positions in pharma, biotech, and healthcare companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Merck & Co., and Abbott/AbbVie.

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Mikko Matvejeff, PhD (Tech.), MBA
Regional Sales Director, Americas

Dr. Matvejeff has both extensive technical and business background. He has held business development, sales & marketing and general management positions leading country organizations in Japan and United States with key focus on major industrial segments including semiconductors, mobile, IoT and medical.

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