Clinical Trials in 3D: A case study in DCT implementation

DCT means it’s time to bring patient-centric technology to the data

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Why attend?

Today’s clinical trials landscape is filled with point and unified solutions and the industry now needs to acknowledge that unified platforms cannot meet the challenges of implementing DCT.  Whether it’s the pain around aggregating and integrating disparate data, the lack of speed in seeing that data or the two-dimensional and poor-quality visualizations (charts, tables, and graphs): all these challenges don’t give study teams the ability to take action and operationalize the data.

So, what if we design our processes around what technology can do for the patient, rather than the other way around?

To run DCTs, teams ideally need a singular, holistic platform that encompasses the collection, review, management, analysis, and visualization of the trial data, however disparate that may be, utilizing a single build process. This ensures consistency across the data sources, inherent providence as well as efficient management of any protocol changes. 

During this webinar, from the perspective of a top 25 pharma use case, we’ll discuss how technology can offer the various involved teams, a holistic and real-time view of all the data in that trial, with visibility of trends across patients, sites, and possibly trials – and how all this can better serve the patient, economically. This session will help attendees revolutionize their trials by: 

  • Learning how lean, agile technology can help you implement DCTs and engage all stakeholders including sites, regulators, and patients
  • Understanding what it takes to integrate wearable, sensors, patient monitoring device, and clinical data to deliver timely and valuable insights for your trial decisions
  • Gaining insight on how using powerful and intuitive analytics can help realize the value proposition of DCTs and optimize clinical workflows
  • Re-considering data utilization and monitoring processes to maximize clinical technology tools
  • Supporting patients and engaging sites by allowing them a choice of tools, like eSource, to conduct of DCT/virtual trials

Target Audience

  • Head of Development
  • Head of Early or full Clinical Development
  • Head of Clinical Research /Clinical Operations
  • Head of Clinical Innovation
  • Head of Biostatistics
  • Heads of Data Operations
  • Heads of Data Management
  • Safety Director
  • Pharmaceutical Physician
  • CIO & Informatics
  • Innovation & Digital Transformation
  • Head of Medical Affairs
  • CEO
  • CTO


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Temitope Keyes
Executive Director, Business Development Technology at Cmed Technology

Temitope (Tope) Keyes brings 22 years of clinical R&D experience, which began on the sponsor side, with the majority of that primarily in the eClinical solutions space.

She has a passion for technology and its ability to advance vital clinical research and successful trial execution. Her experience includes pre-clinical purchasing and clinical outsourcing roles at Astra-Zeneca and Sanofi, followed by almost 15 years in business development with the likes of ERT, Synteract, Datatrak, and Axiom Real-Time Metrics. Tope joined Cmed Technology in 2020 where she drives the sales and marketing for the encapsia clinical technology platform.

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Mark Tomlinson
Senior Director, Technology Operations at Cmed Technology

Mark Tomlinson has over 30 years’ experience supporting the delivery of clinical trials, with two thirds of that focused on client delivery and adoption of technologies such as EDC and eSource. Mark is a firm believer in the benefit of true collaboration, where parties work together to meet client expectations and ensure achievement of the client’s tactical and strategic goals.

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Sara Riggenbach
Director, Patient and Program Services

Sara Riggenbach is an experienced Engagement Director with a history of working in the biotechnology industry. She has been responsible for planning and implementing patient engagement programs for the clinical trial industry.

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