Discover a new generation of digital microscope – the EMSPIRA 3

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Your 3 steps to empower inspection

Would you like to power and inspire your quality control? This summer, Leica launched a new digital microscope - the Emspira 3. Join our Live Webinar and experience first-hand how you can harness the three powers of Emspira 3 to boost your sample inspection.

The power to streamline:
We'll show you how to make your PC obsolete. Whether you want to measure live on screen, compare your images with reference images or customized overlays, add annotations to the image or even share results with your colleagues, you can do all this live and in standalone mode without a PC. Forget about switching between different PC workstations for specific steps too. We'll show you how Emspira 3 can save you time by doing everything in one step.

The power of flexibility:
Choosing the right accessories can make all the difference. We’ll advise on selecting the right illumination, stage and other little helpers. You will learn how to customize Emspira 3 to your requirements to get the results you need.

The power of confidence:
Be sure to get the best image quality! The Emspira 3 impresses with its fast live image display at up to 60 fps in 4K resolution. And if you've ever worried about data loss, we’ll show you how to save the results and data to your local network so you can access them anytime.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • How to streamline your inspection working digitally in stand-alone mode without the need of a PC.
  • How to save time by doing everything from visual inspection to measurement and data sharing with a single system.
  • How to enhance communication by automatically saving images on your network and easily sharing results with your co-workers.
  • How to work your way by combining Emspira 3 with a variety of accessories to fulfill your inspection needs.


  • Quality Engineer - Quality Manager
  • Production Manager - Production Member
  • Inspection Manager - Inspection Engineer
  • QA/Quality Assurance Manager - QA/Quality Assurance Engineer
  • QC/Quality Control Manager - QC/Quality Control Engineer
  • R&D Manager - R&D Engineer - R&D Member - R&D Development Manager
  • Development Manager - Development Engineer - Product Development Manager
  • Analytical Lab Manager - Analytical Chemist
  • Laboratory Manager - Laboratory Technician
  • Researcher - Scientist - Research Scientist
  • Microscopist - Microbiologist - Pathologist
  • Geologist – Geophysicist – Geoscientist – Mineralogist – Paleontologist - Professor Earth Sciences
  • Medical Examiner - Forensic Scientist - Forensic Expert
  • Metallographer - Metallurgist
  • Tutor - School Teacher


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Michael Doppler
Advanced Workflow Specialist, Leica Microsystems

Michael Doppler is a Senior Advanced Workflow Specialist at Leica Microsystems. He studied Mineralogy and Economic Geology in Heidelberg/Germany and received his Master of Science (MSc) in 1990. From 1990 to 1996 he worked as Scientific Collaborator at the Mineralogy Department of the University of Geneva/Switzerland. He taught mineralogical microscopy classes in both places. Since joining Leica Microsystems in 1996, he has held various sales roles and Application Manager positions in Europe and Worldwide. He carried out numerous microscopy trainings internally and externally for Leica associates, channel partners and customers.

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