Enterprise Risk as a Driver of Meeting Objectives and Value Creation

Aligned and Integrated Risk is the Pivot to Achieving Assets that Accrue Value over Time

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Why attend?

Large losses and failed projects are great for the media, who see that they are doing their job to highlight extremes of negative events in society.  But actually, these failures are testament that current risk practices are not capable of preventing costly risks that were avoidable.

Organisations implementing risk management and governance typically go one of two ways, neither of which are optimal. They make it too complex, and there’s no buy-in. Or they make it too simple, and there’s no momentum.  The current fragmented approach to ERM programs are point solutions because risks have a way of penetrating gaps between silos. 

This Webinar shows that integrated frameworks utilising robust risk technology works like a roof on a house; keeps the weather out while enabling those within to move and evolve. Risk management is implemented with AI-powered maturity pathways that ensure the effectiveness of risk management and governance improves over time as knowledge is captured and the system self-learns.

If you are ready to rethink risk in your organisation and use its potential to your competitive advantage, register for this Webinar.  I will share my knowledge including researching global innovations and emerging trends and by defining and challenging best practices how you make risk programs (including risk, audit, compliance, cyber security and business continuity planning) more efficient and at least six times more affordable.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Increasing the performance of the organisation and reinforcing a positive culture to learn from managing risk in objective ways, supporting top management with good risk management information to make decisions with.
  • Measuring the performance of Risk Management against predefined objectives in a Maturity Roadmap
  • Evaluating the organisation’s consolidated risk exposure against risk appetite and report material exposures to top management
  • Supervising that the Risk Management System enables best practices in Risk Management

Target Audience

  • C-Suite Level
  • Project Management
  • Enterprise Risk Management


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Ian Abrahams
Principal Risk Management Consultant

Ian is the Principal Risk Management & Governance Consultant delivering risk and governance solutions to a global marketplace.
Ian is the Acting Head of Risk, Ghana Stock Exchange, building the Enterprise Risk Management & Governance function in the Exchange, and has multiple engagements underway, leading the ERM&G in Central Securities Depository, Ghana, ESG across the Motus Group in 3 continents, Tender Loving Care Disability Services and KJO Oil & Gas company in Saudi Arabia.

The biggest challenge facing all organisations implementing Risk Management & Governance is that it looks easy, however it is a real and complistic challenge (if too complex it won’t gain buy-in, if too simplistic it won’t gain momentum).

The outcomes of a successful Risk Management & Governance implementation provides you with the evidence to successfully drive your organisation’s mission, values and strategic objectives, increasing your resilience and reducing exposures and profit wrecking incidents or unsuccessful projects.

Built over a 15-year period, Ian has unique expertise in aligning a range of different Risk Management & Governance programs including Risk Management, Audit, Project Risks, Compliance, Risk Assurance and IT Security & Business Continuity Planning as well as Safety Management. This pays for itself over and over in your bottom-line performance, social standing and competitive advantage.

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