Fillings & Coatings 2.0 – Trends and challenges within the pastry market

How does the Schokobella range address consumer demands?

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Fillings and Coatings play an important role in the pastry market. They can be described as the key ingredient for the success of the taste of pastries and desserts. While enjoyment and quality were the main success factors in the past, consumer needs are changing nowadays. Eating means much more than just consuming food. Consumers are increasingly conscious and targeted about their consumption. This freedom of choice also differentiates the products in the pastry market.

Food-Trends provide answers to current challenges in the market, they offer solutions and present meaningful alternatives. Trends therefore offer orientation, important decision-making aids and signal changes that go beyond existing needs, desires and values of consumers.

What are the most important trends for fillings and coatings? How should food professionals in the pastry market react?

In this webinar, the Martin Braun-Gruppe gives you an answer to the current challenges and trends in the market and presents its Schokobella-range that integrates important trends of the pastry market. Schokobella is the worldwide used all-round solution for filling, covering, flavouring, whipping and decorating of all sorts of tartes, slices, desserts, eclairs, cookies and more.

Who is the Martin Braun-Gruppe?
All companies from the field of Professional baking of the Oetker-Gruppe are consolidated under the name “Martin Braun-Gruppe”. Today, Martin Braun-Gruppe has more than 2,500 employees at 22 locations and has products in more than 70 countries worldwide. The assortment includes pre-products and convenience products for further commercial processing as well as sweet and spicy frozen dough pieces. The brand BRAUN has 85 years of experience for every topic around baking and sweet indulgence and is the competent international partner for high-quality, innovative and professional product- and conceptional solutions.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the trends in the pastry market especially for fillings and coatings
  • Clean-label and sustainable solutions of the brand BRAUN
  • How the Schokobella-Range can fulfil different customer demands
  • Possible applications and fine pastry recipes.


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Achim Klein
Technical Adviser & Sales

Joachim Klein has an experience of 38 years in the food-market. He has been working for the Martin Braun-Gruppe for almost 25 years. He works at the Sales International department for 15 years and his main focus is to support international partners with product questions and recipe development of the brands Braun, Siebin and Cresco Italia.

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Alexander Misiewicz
Export Manager & Technical Adviser

Alexander Misiewicz is a Pastry Chef & Patissier with more than 35 years of international experience. He previously worked as an executive Pastry Chef in the international market. Since 2008 he is working at the Sales International department of the Martin Braun-Gruppe and has the role of Team Lead for the International Technical Advisory Team.

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Christian Gries
Technical Adviser & Sales

With nearly 40 years in the food industry as a certified baker, pastry chef and state certified food technician Christian Gries collected world wide experience in Hotels & Resorts in Europe, South America, Australia and Luxury Cruise Lines as Trainer of bakery & Pastry Department. From 2003 he has taken several positions in research & development and as food technologist in the food industry. In June 2019 Christian Gries joined the Martin Braun-Gruppe as a Technical Adviser for the brands Braun, Siebin and Cresco Italia.

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Hakki Türeyen
Marketing Manager

Hakki Türeyen has an experience of 5 years in the food-market focused in the bakery and pastry area. After his degree in Business Administration in Germany and his Master in Marketing Management in Spain he has taken from 2015 several positions in the Martin Braun Gruppe. He worked as a Regional Account Manager for the Sales International department and is now responsible for the filling & ice cream assortment of the Martin Braun KG in Hanover.

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Kevin Lühmann
Technical Adviser & Sales

Kevin Lühmann joined the Martin Braun-Gruppe in 2011 as a technical adviser for the brand Wolf Butterback and is for more than nine years in charge for the technical service and sales of the brands Braun, Siebin and Cresco Italia. After becoming a Pastry Chef in 2006, he worked in Japan in his profession before studying to become state certified engineer of bakery technology following the degree of a Master Baker. Directly afterwards he passed the trainee program at a leading company for sourdough-technology before being back in sweet business and starting at Martin Braun KG. In 2017 he did further education becoming a certified chocolate sommelier and offers trainings and tastings since then.

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