Filtration Solutions for Fermentation of Plant-Based Protein

Filtered Liquid, Air and Gas critical to the proper fermentation of plant-based food products.

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As consumer demands for plant-based protein and meat alternatives continue to increase, so does the evolution of new categories and characteristics of these innovative plant-based products. With options ranging from plant-based burgers, seafoods, and dairy alternatives, plant-based products are an increasingly popular and tasty alternative to the mainstay protein choices you are used to seeing on your local grocery store shelf.

Key to the production of these alternatives is an effective fermentation process. This includes any compressed air, technical gas or liquid required for fermentation which needs to be filtered to a sterile level. This supports process integrity within the bioreactor. It helps to protect the critical bio-ingredients from bacterial contamination and thus supports refined flavor profiles, textures, and taste characteristics.

Donaldson offers a complete solution for these fermentation and filtration processes. Our team of specialists will give you an overview on our latest developments in this field and provide you with information on how to improve the integrity of your products and processes with durable and highly efficient solutions.

Register now and discover how Donaldson’s best-in-class technology can help you navigate the production hurdles of producing plant-based proteins.

Key Learning Objectives

  • The growing demand and variety of plant-based protein products
  • The fermentation processes involved in producing plant-based proteins
  • Common bacterial risks and how to protect against contamination
  • The proper filtration techniques for air, gas and liquid used in the fermentation process


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Scott Grimes
Technical Specialist North America

Scott has more than 30 years of experience as a filtration expert. He joined Donaldson in 2014 as a regional manager in both the US & Canada responsible for sterile filtration in liquid and gas applications across multiple markets including Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage. In 2016, Scott moved into a SME Role responsible for OEM & Engineering firms working to specify the proper sterile filtration used in Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage industries.
Beginning in 2019, Scott served as Donaldson’s North American Technical Training Manager, where he is able to leverage his long-term experience by providing first-hand knowledge on how to solve contamination issues to Donaldson’s sales teams, regional partners and end-users.
At the start of 2022 Scott transitioned into Technical Business Development where he will continue to support Donaldson’s Process Filtration Division. This will include delivering best-in-class filtration solutions for the bio-reaction and fermentation markets.

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Dominik Michel
Technical Specialist Europe

Dominik joined the company in 2019 as an Application Engineer in the Product Line Process Filtration in Germany. He was responsible for the product range of sterile air and liquid filters used in food and beverage applications, supporting both customers and the Donaldson Sales team with technical knowhow and on-site support.

Since 2021, Dominik took a role as an Application Specialist, continuing to focus on application support.
Dominik received his engineering degree in process filtration at the University of Applied Science in Nordhausen, Germany, finishing with his final thesis in air filtration. Before joining Donaldson, he was working both as an application engineer and technical sales manager in the field of particle analysis.

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