From myths to money makers: Automating CNC milling machines

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Ability to deliver the right amount of a high-quality part at the right time, and to be profitable - this is the key reason to automate for metalworking manufacturers. But does automation pay off when production volumes are low and production mix requires a lot of expensive fixtures? Is a robot only good for feeding the machine tool directly, are collaborative robots the only easy ones to program, and is it always difficult to access the machine tool equipped with a robot?

In this webinar, we bust a couple of common automation myths and give ideas and practical examples on how to automate CNC milling machines with maximum ROI.

In this webinar the audience will learn how to turn the common automation myths into money makers:

  • Is CNC automation only suitable for high volumes?
  • How to maximize overnight running capacity with high production mix?
  • Robot programming: are collaborative robots the only easy ones to program?
  • Are there ways to reduce the fixture investment in high mix environment?
  • How to design a robotic automation system without limiting the machine tool access for maintenance?

This is THE webinar to participate for any manufacturer with CNC machines that wants to achieve greater output, increase the unmanned production capacity, and produce low to medium batches economically. We reserve some time for audience questions in the end of the webinar – you are warmly welcome to join! In case you want to get an introduction to the topic beforehand, you can download an ultimate guide for automating CNC milling machines!

Key Learning Objectives

  • Automation opportunities for variable batch production
  • Maximizing unmanned production capacity
  • How to minimize fixturing cost?
  • Operator ergonomics: easy robot programming and machine tool access

Target Audience

  • Owner
  • Chief Executive
  • Managing Director
  • Founder
  • Director
  • President
  • Production Manager
  • Production Development Manager
  • Engineering Manager
  • Chief of Production
  • Plant Manager
  • Factory Manager
  • Vice President
  • Head of Production
  • Head of Engineering


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Mika Laitinen
Solution Architect

With 30 years of experience in automation business and over 10 years at Fastems, Mika Laitinen works as a Solution Sales Director in Fastems. He is supporting Fastems’ customers globally in automating complex processes, as well as supporting the organization with challenging robot application projects. Mr. Laitinen is working together regional sales managers to understand customer requirements in detail to develop technical and commercial solutions together with the factory organisation in Finland.

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Philip Cattaneo
Sales Manager

Having spent his career working in the machine tool and CNC automation/robotics industry as an automation specialist for a machine tool OEM, Philip Cattaneo works as the UK Sales Manager at Fastems. He is managing customers relations and finding ways that Fastems can problem solve the various needs of UK manufacturing companies. Philip holds a Higher National Diploma in Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering with distinction.

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