GSEF 1st Edition - Smart Mobility

A dedicated event looking at key aspects and emerging solutions to enhance mobility and infrastructure as well as the main issues around automation and connectivity.





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Why attend?

Global Semiconductor and Electronics Forum (GSEF) brings together the end to end value chain in semiconductors, electronics and design supply chain. As one of the industry’s most important gatherings, the Forum explores current and future trends and finds solutions to business-hindering challenges. 

GSEF Virtual Series 2021 will present the new format and highly focused online events on the most important industry issues. This will include virtual conferences, webinars and online polling throughout the year in order to engage with the market and explore how technology is transforming sectors across the electronics supply chain.  


8:00 AM

KEYNOTE: C V2X: A powerful technology to deliver safety and mobility services

• Why C-V2X is a foundational technology that can deliver safer roads
• How traffic management and systems operations can be delivered at different scales through C-V2X
• 5G’s role in advancing smart mobility use cases
• How private-public partnerships in cellular and transportation networks can deliver safe and efficient smart transportation solutions

8:35 AM

KEYNOTE: How innovation and technology is transforming the semiconductor industry

• The latest trends and technology innovations that are driving growth in semiconductor markets
• The continuing rise in demand for different digitalisation solutions in the semiconductor industry
• The impact of emerging technologies such as 5G, IoT and Artificial Intelligence

9:05 AM

FIRESIDE CHAT: The ‘Internet of Vehicles’ and impact of 5G

• Unpacking the latest developments and benefits of 5G and LTE networks
• Innovations in interoperability and deployment of CV2X
• What will the effect of SRTI be on future networks?

9:45 AM

Networking Break

10:15 AM

PRESENTATION: Strategy overview: Nissan’s digital customer journey transformation

• The connected car challenge and enhancing in-vehicle service applications
• Unpacking the transition from a hardware to software company
• Evaluating digital capabilities of vehicle data services and business models of the future

10:50 AM

PRESENTATION: The increasing content of electronics in vehicles and requirements for reliability as well as acceptable costs

• The modern car is becoming a high-power computing tool on wheels
• Increasing connectivity as well as increased levels of intelligent on-board sensors need to combine with high overall reliability
• This must be reached at acceptable cost levels and improved manufacturing technologies and smart supply chains

11:25 AM

PRESENTATION: The Connected Infotainment System

• Using data-driven technology to transform traditional mobility experiences
• The challenges of providing frictionless experiences and the seamless integration to modern life
• How SAIC-Volkswagen are connecting car, home, people and various services

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