GSEF 2nd Edition - Semiconductor Innovation: More than Moore and moving to the edge

A focused half-day conference on the latest semiconductor innovations including quantum technologies, MEMS and sensors and evolving market demands.





  • Virtual
  • Complimentary


4:00 PM

KEYNOTE: The driving forces behind edge computing and more than Moore evolution

• Evaluating the sustainability of continued scaling in semiconductor manufacturing
• How the industry is innovating to meet the challenge of growing markets
• The intuitive technology such as 5G enabling more than Moore devices


4:30 PM

Advanced packaging requirements and solutions to enable next generation edge computing and more than Moore devices

• Assessing the variation of packaging techniques and technologies that more than Moore and edge computing bring
• Evaluating how the trend to do this with more precision and more cost effectiveness is continuing
• Unpacking this interesting challenge and the new opportunities it opens

5:00 PM

PANEL DISCUSSION: The generation and use of data in fab processing

• How can processes be streamlined using big data?
• What are the data requirements for advanced fab processing?
• How can AI & ML be utilised in advanced fab processing?
• Creating a roadmap for big data efficiently to enable predictive maintenance and improve OEE

5:45 PM

Networking Break

6:00 PM

PRESENTATION: Technology pushes limits – With in house and custom designed Cu additives to market ready electrodeposition process solutions

• Next Level advanced packaging developments: market and technology trends
• Technology requirements for RDL, pillar plating and Cu-to-Cu bonding
• How do we translate this into chemistry and equipment products?
• Examples: UF3 – RDL plating, UF5 – Pillar plating, Cu-to-Cu bonding, MultiPlate – PLP, novel vertical PTH tool for ICS


6:30 PM

PRESENTATION: More than Moore and heterogeneous integration through packaging: unleashing opportunities for the semiconductor ecosystem

• The explosive growth in data driven by data centric transformation, the artificial intelligence and cloud computing driving IC technology and business growth
• Heterogenous integration through packaging and the critical role it plays in delivering complex and high-performance computing platforms
• The opportunities and challenges ahead for the equipment and manufacturing ecosystems


7:00 PM

CASE STUDY: How to keep testing of new generation silicon affordable in the future?

• Testing and validating future silicon require increasingly advanced and often dedicated technologies and tooling, demanding regular and significant investments
• However, who can afford the necessary ATE instrument development, when you are not a ‘’Fruit’’ company, while the development is getting more complex & expensive?
• Fewer ATE providers can justify the ROI on these new technologies
• Salland is making headway in creating affordable enabling technology to test future technologies like MEMS, Photonics and Quantum technology testing


7:30 PM

CLOSING KEYNOTE INTERVIEW: The rise of edge computing and AI in the chip manufacturing industry

• Unpacking the evolution of AI and edge computing processes in manufacture and their impact on the market
• Enabling the desired quality for new customers with next gen tech and accelerators - what are the roadblocks?
• Discussing the market impact: technology vectors for next market growth around secure edge


Select a speaker to learn more

Balachandran Rajendran
Chief Technology Officer, EDA/Semiconductor, Dell EMC

Bala has been with Dell EMC since April 2018 as part of the Global CTO office at Unstructured Data Solutions focused on Semiconductor Design and Manufacturing vertical. Before Dell EMC, Bala worked at various organizations like Siemens, Synopsys, Silicon Image, Inphi, and Samsung Research America in various roles leading and managing CAD tools, design flows, design methodology, IP management, design infrastructure and IT. Bala believes in a holistic and iterative approach to solving current and future challenges of this industry, where the design, cad, and IT teams work as an integrated and cohesive unit.

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David Bicknell
Principal Analyst, Thematic Research

David Bicknell has over 30 years’ experience in writing about and analysing the technology sector, both from the vendor and the user perspective, both in the UK and the US. His career in technology journalism and analysis has included detailed research into IT projects and he has co-authored a book, ‘Crash’, which explored why and how IT projects go wrong. He has also co-authored a novel on the life of computer pioneer Charles Babbage. Prior to joining Thematic Research, David spent six years editing a GlobalData title exploring the use of technology in the UK public sector. He has previously worked for a news agency and for the BBC.

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Dr. Christian Ohde
Global Product Director for Semiconductor, Lead Frame and Connectors, Atotech Group

Today, Christian Ohde leads Atotech’s global Semiconductor and Functional Electronics Coatings activities. He is a reputable industry expert and a thought-leader in his areas of responsibilities.
Christian finished his PhD in chemistry and joined Atotech Group in the year 2010. Holding various management positions, he was appointed as Head of R&D for the company’s Electrolytic Copper plating activities, mainly focusing on plating of various metals in different equipment tool sets (horizontal and vertical) in 2013.
In October 2020, Christian was appointed as the Global Product Director for Semiconductor and Lead Frame and Connectors.

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Herve Charles
Director Systems & Automation, NXP Semiconductors

Responsible for Automation & Big Data strategy for NXP's Assembly & Test factories with 20+ years semiconductor experience in Front-End and Back-End semiconductor operations.

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Islam Salama
VP, Intel

Dr. Islam A. Salama is a Vice President with Intel Corporation in the Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Operations organization. His work focuses on high-density interconnect packaging in the areas of capacity expansion, capital equipment, outsource manufacturing and business operations across Intel products from technology development to high-volume manufacturing.

Dr. Salama began his career at Intel in 2003. He has held engineering and business leadership roles in multiple areas, including Business Operations, Outsource Manufacturing, Technology Pathfinding, Substrate Core competency and Packaging Technology Development. Most recently, his leadership has been instrumental in advancing heterogeneously integrated devices - an effort considered essential to the success of the company’s and industry’s data-centric transformation.

Dr. Salama is a board member and elected fellow of the Laser Institute of America, as well as a frequent keynote and plenary speaker at international industry conferences and symposiums. He holds more than 100 patents in a range of areas, including laser materials processing, device fabrication, high-density interconnect technologies, microelectronics packaging and materials engineering. He published more than 30 technical articles, book chapters, and industry proceedings in the same fields.

Dr. Salama holds a bachelor’s degree in metallurgical engineering, a master’s degree in materials engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia, and a doctorate in materials engineering and laser processing from the College of Optics and Photonics at the University of Central Florida.

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Laith Altimime
President, SEMI Europe

As President of SEMI Europe, Laith Altimime leads SEMI’s activities in Europe and Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Altimime has P&L responsibility as well as ownership of all Europe region programs and events, including SEMICON Europa. He is responsible for establishing industry Standards, advocacy, community development, expositions, and programs.  He provides support and services to SEMI members worldwide that have supply chain interests in Europe. He manages and nurtures relationships with SEMI members in the region and globally as well as with local association and constituents in industry, government, and academia. 

Altimime has more than more than 30 years of international experience in the semiconductor industry. Prior to joining SEMI in 2015, He held senior leadership positions at NEC, KLA-Tencor, Infineon, Qimonda and imec.

Altimime holds an MSc from Heriot-Watt University, Scotland.

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Lil Read
Thematic Analyst, GlobalData

Dr Lil Read is a Thematic Analyst at GlobalData, where she heads up thematic content for the construction industry and leads the GlobalData Theme's media team. Before joining GlobalData Lil conducted her PhD in Earth Sciences at the University of Cambridge and Diamond Light Source, where she conducted diffraction and spectroscopy on marine calcite biominerals, contributing to research on climate change.

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Mark Papermaster

Mark Papermaster is Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of Technology and Engineering at AMD and is responsible for corporate technical direction, product development including system-on-chip (SOC) methodology, microprocessor design, I/O and memory and advanced research. He led the re-design of engineering processes at AMD and the development of the award-winning “Zen” high-performance x86 CPU family, high-performance GPUs and the company’s modular design approach, Infinity Fabric. He also oversees Information Technology that delivers AMD’s compute infrastructure and services.

His more than 35 years of engineering experience includes significant leadership roles managing the development of a wide range of products, from microprocessors to mobile devices and high-performance servers. Before joining AMD in October 2011 as Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, Papermaster was the leader of Cisco’s Silicon Engineering Group, the organization responsible for silicon strategy, architecture, and development for the company’s switching and routing businesses. He served as Apple Senior Vice President of Devices Hardware Engineering, where he was responsible for iPod and iPhone hardware development. He also held a number of senior leadership positions at IBM overseeing development of the company’s key microprocessor and server technologies.

Papermaster received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin and master’s degree from the University of Vermont, both in Electrical Engineering. He is a long-term member of the University of Texas Cockrell School of Engineering Advisory Board, Olin College Presidents Council and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Most recently, he was appointed to the CTO Forum Advisory Board and IEEE Industry Advisory Board.

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Matthew Gooding
News Editor, Tech Monitor

Matthew Gooding is news editor for Tech Monitor and specialises in reporting on developments in the semiconductor industry. A former business editor of the Cambridge News, he has worked in journalism for 13 years, spending the last seven in business-related roles covering topics including life science and deep technology.

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Mike Orme
Thematic Research Consultant, GlobalData 

Michael is co-founder of the technology research boutique Signum Intel and is a consultant to GlobalData's Thematic Research Division. In a career stretching over 40 years he has been a journalist at the Investors Chronicle, the FT, Management Today. Wrote one of the first books on the microelectronics revolution: Micros--a pervasive force. Worked in Silicon Valley as a consultant to Apple, Intel, Genentech, and HP among others. At GlobalData and with his Signum Intel clients he focuses on Chinese technology, genomics, semiconductors, AI, and quantum computing. He is writing a book on the impact of technology on human intimacy.

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Paul van Ulsen
CEO, Salland Engineering

Paul is responsible for all aspects of corporate governance for Salland Engineering worldwide.
Paul joined Salland in 1993 as a Test Application engineer.
He became Manager of the Test Application business unit and soon demonstrated his sales skills as Managing Director for Salland Europe.
Prior to Salland, Paul worked for Rood Testhouse International as a mixed-signal application engineer.
He is a graduate of Windesheim Technical University in electronics and computer engineering.

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Raj Narasimhan
Corporate VP of Global Quality, Micron Technology
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Ruurd Boomsma

Chief Technology Officer of Besi, covering all aspects of technology roadmaps and developments plans for all equipment developed at Besi. Also responsible for strategic supply chain management and overall quality. Received a master’s degree in Technical Physics focus on Semiconductor Physics and High Vacuum Technology from the State University of Groningen the Netherlands. Started working in the semiconductor industry in 1984. Initially in front end equipment at ASM followed by MRC and later Unaxis and now over 10 years active at Besi. Tasks included work on supply chain Asia, reorganising the plating activities, held final responsibility for all the Die Attach activities worldwide, now CTO of Besi.

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