GSEF 4th Edition - Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation

Industry 4.0 is aimed at achieving efficiency through integrated smart systems, processes, sensors, data, analytics, and AI

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Industry 4.0 is aimed at achieving efficiency through integrated smart systems, processes, sensors, data, analytics, and AI. It can be applied in key business areas including production, manufacturing, business support, and engineering. Industry 4.0 can support a holistic shift of production from a centralised to a decentralised model. The new ecosystem will allow smarter products, services, and plants that in turn might also support new business models and revenue sources.

However, realising the benefits of Industry 4.0 requires several technological layers including connectivity, an IoT platform, IoT as well as data analytics and AI to analyse the data generated by the machines. To stay competitive, companies must leverage the IoT and digitalisation to become much more agile and efficient.


· Factory of the future - smart manufacturing and AI to drive productivity & quality improvements

· Digital twin and SOC design transforming complexity into opportunity

· Smart manufacturing and digital twins for the semiconductor industry

· Driving toward predictive analytics with advanced manufacturing

· Why edge computing is critical for industry 4.0 adoption plans?

· Can private wireless solution drive industry 4.0 digital transformation

· Industry 4.0 and cybersecurity - managing risk in the connected world

· 5G ultra-low latency for smart manufacturing

· Designing 5G for future industrial IoT



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Charles Ferland
Vice President & General Manager Edge Computing and Communication Service Providers, Lenovo

Charles Ferland is Vice President & General Manager, Edge Computing and Communication Service Providers at Levovo. He has extensive IT experience and brings substantial knowledge gained through several successful leadership positions. At Lenovo, he leads the strategy, product development and go-to-market definition for the DCG Edge & Telco segment. Mr Freeland’s team is actively developing, optimising and supporting Telco solutions ready to be deployed in NFV and 5G infrastructure.

Prior to joining Lenovo, Mr Freeland led the global business development activities at Nuage Networks from Nokia. His responsibilities as Vice President included establishing a global presence with Telecom Service Providers onboarding their NFV journey. In addition, he set up Nuage’s technology partner programme to support collaboration with more than 30 companies.

Prior to joining Nuage, Mr Freeland was the SDN Executive at IBM, responsible for global sales and business development. He also led the IBM System Networking business unit in Europe for several years. His involvement in data centre networking began with the creation of BLADE Network Technologies (BNT, later acquired by IBM) where he was Vice President and General Manager for EMEA.

With over 25 years of international experience, Mr Freeland has a strong background in Software Defined Networking and has been one of the early promoters of the technology. He also participates in many SDN and NFV events, actively engaging customers and developing concrete user cases helping them solve modern data centre and WAN networking issues.

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Mohammed Dogar
Senior Director Global Business Development, Renesas

Mohammed Dogar is head of Global Business Development and responsible for promotion and business expansion of Renesas’ total microcontroller portfolio and other key products. He is a thought leader in the electronics industry and is driving Renesas’ global business growth and alignment of marketing, sales and development strategies, particularly in the field of IoT, e-AI, security, smart embedded electronics and communications. He has studied Electronics & Information Engineering at the University of Huddersfield, UK, and holds an MBA degree from the Open University in the UK. Mohammed worked for a number of companies including Rockwell Automation, developing Microprocessor & PLC based Automation control Systems for a variety of Industrial and Consumer Applications. In 2001, he joined NEC and subsequently Renesas and has worked in various roles including Engineering, Applications, Marketing and Business Development.

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Erik Varney
Managing Director of Solutions Architecture for IIoT and Automotive, Verizon Business

Erik Varney is Managing Director of Solutions Architecture for IIoT and Automotive, Verizon Business. He leads implementation of Verizon’s network technology for telematics and IIoT partners and customers throughout the world. He has helped well over a thousand companies integrate Verizon’s network and tech into their products and services, enabling real-world applications for customers and end users across the globe.

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Ruurd Boomsma
Chief Technology Officer, Besi

Chief Technology Officer Besi, covering all aspects of technology roadmaps and developments plans for all equipment developed at Besi . Also responsible for strategic supply chain management and overall Quality. Received a Master Degree in Technical Physics focus on Semiconductor Physics and High Vacuum Technology, from the State University of Groningen the Netherlands. Started working in the Semiconductor Industry in 1984. Initially in front end equipment at ASM followed by MRC and later Unaxis and now over 10 years active at Besi. Tasks included work on supply chain Asia, reorganizing the Plating activities, held final responsibility for all the Die Attach activities worldwide and is now CTO of Besi.

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Manny Singh
Principal Marketing Manager, Renesas

Manny Singh is principal marketing manager for Renesas’ Vision AI MPU product line. His prior 18+ years of experience include IC design, Applications Engineering, Product Definition, Product Incubation in CTO office, Product Line & Business Unit Management, Marketing and BizDev, & Strategy and Planning. He has 12 issued patents and multiple publications. His expertise includes mixed signal design, power management, SOC, low power MCU, and MPU.

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Alan Lee
Corporate VP and Head of Research and Advanced Development, AMD

Alan Lee is the Corporate Vice President of Research and Advanced Development at AMD and the President and CEO of AMD Advanced Research, the subsidiary of AMD responsible for external research projects. In his capacity as Founder of AMD Research, he runs all of AMD’s research labs.

Mr Lee is also the head of extreme-scale computing technology at AMD. In this role, he leads the software and hardware engineering efforts to build the world’s fastest platforms for machine learning, finance and scientific applications. In May 2019, his teams and AMD were selected by the US Department of Energy as the computer provider for Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Frontier supercomputer, the world’s most powerful computer.

Previously, Mr Lee was CEO of a privately held company creating technologies for high-frequency trading and quantitative financial analysis.

Mr Lee serves on the board of trustees of the NSF Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics and the Natural Sciences Advisory Board at Rice University. His research interests include the application of mathematics, high-performance computing, and machine learning to problems in quantitative finance.

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Kathrin Kind-Trueller
Manager AD, Cybersecurity Processes and Tools, Volkswagen

Kathrin Kind-Trueller has expertise of challenges to cyber security arising from digital transformation as well as cyber risks associated with driverless cars.

She has over 20 years’ experience in autonomous, electrical, conventional vehicles and software engineering for advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving. She has also been a facilitator and builder of world-class engineering teams (100+ engineers) in mixed and globally distributed organisations, including both start-ups and large-scale corporations.

Prior to Volkswagen, Ms Kind-Trueller has served in a variety of role of increasing seniority within automotive suppliers as Bosch, ZF-TRW and Magneti Marelli as well as automotive OEMs including BMW in Munich, Mercedes Benz Cars in Sindelfingen, Audi in Ingostadt.

Ms Kind-Treuller's areas of expertise include Systems Engineering, Software Engineering, Systems Architecture, Cybersecurity, AI Machine Learning for Autonomous Driving, Big Data Management, Research in A.I. and Data Science.

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David Bicknell
Principal Analyst, Global Data

David Bicknell has over 30 years’ experience in writing about and analysing the technology sector, both from the vendor and the user perspective, both in the UK and the US. His career in technology journalism and analysis has included detailed research into IT projects and he has co-authored a book, ‘Crash’, which explored why and how IT projects go wrong. He has also co-authored a novel on the life of computer pioneer Charles Babbage. Prior to joining Thematic Research, David spent six years editing a GlobalData title exploring the use of technology in the UK public sector. He has previously worked for a news agency and for the BBC.

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Tuğser Sariünal
Head of Production Engineering Innovation, Toyota Motor Europe

Tuğser Sariünal is Head of Production Engineering Innovation at Toyota Motor Europe. Mr Sariünal has extensive experience in manufacturing and managing teams in automotive paint shops, actively strategising during each of the design, installation, commissioning stages as well as maintaining & managing projects.

He has 15 years’ experience working on and overseeing lean manufacturing which has enhanced efficiency in several areas of Toyota Europe’s manufacturing strategy.

Mr Sariünal is responsible for developing innovative ideas in production for different cases by utilising various lean methodologies to eliminate inefficiency and waste across the manufacturing plant. He also enhances his team members’ ability to utilise Kaizen methodologies.

His specialities include Toyota Production System, Total Productive Maintenance, Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen and Poka-Yoke Implementation, Hoshin, PDCA (Problem solving cycle), JIT, Jidoka, Heijunka, 3M (Muda, Muri, Mura), 5S, Plant Cost Management from planning stage to follow-up.

In his previous role as senior manager of the Production Engineering Division of Toyota Motor Europe’s Innovation Group, he was responsible for integrating the industry 4.0 strategy at Toyota Europe’s manufacturing plants.

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