How to achieve highest machine tools productivity in machining metal alloys - esp. titanium and aluminium, with a resulting improvement of TCO.

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Why attend?

Traditional large horizontal machine tools are typically built as a structure with a moving column. When operating, machines of this design are at high vertical positions, the static and dynamic rigidity of the machine is inevitably compromised. Deep machining operations are achieved through the use of a ram, which however when extended likewise loses rigidity and the effects of gravity can cause accuracy issues. The end user is therefore limited to choosing the most conservative cutting parameters and dynamic settings, in order to ensure that the operation is conducted correctly at every point of the component. This naturally implies a loss in terms of the overall efficiency of the system.

How to overcome this limitation?

In order to avoid the situation described above and to guarantee the best rigidity of the machine, Camozzi Machine Tools was able to find a solution with a  movement mechanism which ensures high and constant levels of stock removal, dynamics and accuracy.

Camozzi machine tools was able to design and realize a solution based on an innovative machine structure which ensure high chip removal rate, high dynamics and tight accuracy constant in the whole working volume. During the webinar our specialist will explain the technical details which allowed us to produce a machine – the PowerMax -  capable of ensuring maximum efficiency, reducing TCO and saving energy and CO2 emissions

Key Learning Objectives

  • Reduce operating costs and production times especially in  the aeronautical and industrial sector
  • Ensure high and constant levels of stock removal, dynamics and accuracy.
  • machine titanium , aluminium  or both materials  with best  results

Target Audience

  • Aerospace Project Manager
  • Aerospace Program Manager
  • Aerospace Project Engineer
  • Aerospace Tooling Engineer
  • Aerospace Process Engineer
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Material Engineer
  • R&D Engineer
  • R&D Director
  • Heads of Research and Development
  • C Levels
  • Project Managers
  • Innovation Managers
  • Purchasing


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Eng. Franco Cassinari
Application Advisor

Out from a production floor, in the last 35 years, employed at machine tool builders. Since 2005 working inside Camozzi Group, Ingersoll Inc and Innse-Berardi S.p.A. Long Experience in aviation and aerospace fields mostly involved in multi axis machining often applied in different market sectors. Deep knowledge in metal cutting focused in titanium and aluminium. Post processor developer and deep knowledge in cad/cam systems and numerical controls. Currently involved in the application department: internal machining process development, sub-contractors work, turn key solution for customers and tight cooperation with designers to develop innovative solutions for new machines.

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