How to Protect your Power Electronics?

A half-hour deep dive into materials science, protective technologies and sustainable product selection for electronics engineers.

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Why attend?

The world is becoming electronic. This has been an ongoing momentum for years and the demand for greater electronic devices developments keeps growing and will continue to accelerate in the future: digital devices, artificial intelligence, renewable energies, connected households, electrically powered transportation and onboard electronics, smart industrial equipment & IoT, etc.

This increased demand for electrification, driven by a need for greater sustainability and technological progress, requires electronics engineers to ensure the reliability of their power electronic components and systems.

Power Electronics, used both for power generation, distribution and control, is a key enabler for electrifying the world. The critical components needed to generate this progress are particularly challenging to design: requiring more miniaturization and lighter weight, combined with increased power intensity and longer product lifecycles, all contributing to overall sustainability.

Overheating, humidity, vibrations, aggressive external environments are among the many factors Intensifying the stress on power electronics, heightening the constant risk of crashes or breakdowns throughout their lifecycles.

Seize this exclusive opportunity to gain fresh engineering insights on how to protect your power electronics and succeed in 2022 and beyond in your quest for product developments!

Tune in to our upcoming webinar and learn about:

Key Learning Objectives

  • How various electronics protection materials compare
  • What are the main electronics protection technologies?
  • How to choose your Potting & Encapsulation solutions
  • How to choose your Sealing & Bonding solutions
  • Which sustainability criteria do you need to consider in your protective solutions?

Target Audience

  • Electronics engineer
  • Thermal Management engineer
  • R&D Director
  • Heads of Research and Development
  • Electronics Designer


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Catherine George
Regional Market Manager, Industrial Assembly

20 years of experience in R&D for Sealing, Bonding, Thermal Management and Electronics Protection.

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Laure Bertrand
Technical Service Manager, Industrial Assembly

Experienced in Sealing & Bonding for over 12 years. Specialized in Adhesives, Thermal Management Materials and Electronics Applications.

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