Liquid-filled capsules, the best option to challenging formulations

Why choose liquid-filled capsules over other dosage forms?

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Liquid-filled capsules are one of the most profitable and promising strategies to face the multiple challenges that the pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare industries face today. With an increasing number of Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, poorly soluble ingredients, probiotics, biologicals and others within company pipelines, the applications for liquid-fill encapsulation have considerably increased in recent years.

Liquid-filled capsules provide functional advantages that enable the successful development of new complex pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulations. Liquid-forms can overcome many of the ingredients’ troubling physical and chemical properties (solubility, moisture-sensitivity, hygroscopicity, oxidation, etc.) that affect the effectiveness and efficacy of the final product.

On the business side, the liquid-filled capsule solutions can help accelerate the speed to market by reducing development time, reformulating old products, re-introducing them in a new form, and lengthen product lifecycles and patent protection.

Qualicaps invites the interested audience to hear from our liquid-filling experts the critical benefits of hard liquid-fill capsules, focusing on practical applications such as how to formulate low and very low viscosity liquid products until now challenging to handle with existing capsules on the market.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Key Benefits of Liquid filled Capsules
  • Filling two-piece hard capsules with liquids: formulation considerations and solutions
  • Practical applications


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Francisco Javier Merino
Director of Technical Services, EMEA & South Asia

Javier’s primary work mission is to lead the Qualicaps® Technical Services department. He supports Production centres within the Pharmaceutical and Consumer Healthcare industries by providing technical expertise. In addition, he specializes in developing new capsule pin designs for special encapsulation requirements. Javier holds a DipHE in Engineering and MSc in Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency and Quality Management ISO 9001 and several PGCert in Production Management & Systems Improvement (Lean).

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Lucía Gurruchaga
Scientific Business Development Analyst, EMEA & South Asia

Lucía Gurruchaga holds a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and MSc in Pharmaceutical Industry. She is part of the scientific team in Qualicaps. She provides R&D support from the initial development helping to select the most suitable hard capsule for the formulation and in every stage of the drug development. She also assists on a continuous basis during the whole drug product life cycle. She also participates in development projects with external R&D centres to study the properties and improve the performance of the hard capsules.

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