Small and Advanced Reactors

​Interviews with key industry figures and a range of engaging panel discussions will bring the latest progress and innovations in the global SMR/AR market straight to your desktop. Meet fellow professionals, share best practices, insight and thought-leadership with industry influencers.

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There is growing interest in small modular reactors (SMRs) and advanced reactors (ARs) around the world, with more than 50 designs at various development stages. SMRs can help address the need for flexible power generation for a wide range of users and applications, with the global market estimated to be worth £250-400bn by 2035.​

​Nuclear Engineering International’s SMR/AR event will look at the development plans and licensing activities for a range of small and advanced reactor technologies. It will cover all aspects of industry, with insight from reactor developers, utilities, regulators, supply chain, academics and the financial community.​

​Interviews with key industry figures and a range of engaging panel discussions will bring the latest progress and innovations in the global SMR/AR market straight to your desktop.

Meet fellow professionals, share best practices,  insight and thought-leadership with industry influencers.


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  • Thu Nov 4th


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Diane Cameron
Head of Division, Nuclear Technology Development and Economics (NTE), Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA)

Diane Cameron is Head of the Nuclear Technology Development and Economics Division at the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA). In her role at the NEA, she leads an expert team of economists and scientists that supports energy policy and nuclear energy policy development among NEA Member Countries by advancing evidence-based, authoritative assessments and analyses in the areas of nuclear economics, financing, and cost reduction, as well as nuclear technology, innovation, and the fuel cycle.
From 2014 to 2021, Diane was Director of the Nuclear Energy Division with the Government of Canada. As Director, she headed up the division responsible for leading and co-ordinating Canadian public policy on nuclear energy, and served as Chair of Canada’s Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Roadmap and Action Plan. She joined the Government of Canada in 2007 to work on energy, environment, and economic policy – including international relations and negotiations. Prior to her tenure with the Government of Canada, she worked in management consulting and engineering in the private sector specializing in global value chains and international logistics.

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Sandro Baldi
Commercial Director – NUWARD, EDF

Sandro Baldi started off his career in 2004 as research fellow for Surrey University in UK in charge of experimental studies in the field of fluid dynamics. He then joined EDF Group in 2006 as Nuclear Safety Engineer in EDF Energy in UK working on the Generic Design Assessment (GDA) for the UK EPR design. Within the same project he soon moved to positions related to project management helping setting up the quality arrangements and project controls for GDA. From 2008, after the acquisition of British Energy by EDF, he joined Nuclear New Build (NNB), EDF Energy division in charge of delivering Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C projects. As part of NNB he covered a number of positions before moving to EDF France as Head of Schedule Management function and deputy Head of Project Controls for Hinkley Point C where he lead the first establishment of a fully integrated project baseline. From May 2016 he has been appointed as Head of Products and Strategy within the New Build division of EDF Group, where he was also in charge of the SMR international strategy and partnership and of the overall EDF Group coordination for the UK HPR1000 GDA and the Bradwell B project led by a CGN-EDF JV in UK. Sandro was recently appointed as NUWARDTM Commercial Director in 2021.

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Vakisasai Ramany
Senior Vice President – Development, EDF - New Nuclear Projects & Engineering

Mr Ramany joined the EDF Group in 1999. He started as an R&D engineer, focusing on schedule optimisation and economic risk management for EDF's French generation mix in the context of energy market deregulation in France. He then joined the French supply division of EDF and contributed to put in place the required tools and processes to run a customer portfolio management function, at a time when EDF was newly facing competition in its home market. As such he headed the Aggregator department of EDF Commerce. In 2008 Mr Ramany joined EDF Group CFO's team to support the company's effort to grow its international business: he worked notably on major acquisitions, including that of British Energy in the UK. In 2011 Mr Ramany moved to EDF Energy in the UK as M&A and Investments Director. As such he led the effort of the Group to honor its commitments to the European Commission following the acquisition of British Energy. He also initiated the refinancing strategy of EDF's UK renewable business. He was one of the leading contributors to EDF's effort to secure funding for the 3200MW Hinkley Point C nuclear new build project in the UK, including notably the development of the cooperation with China on that regard. Mr Ramany now leads the international new nuclear development activities for EDF Group, including new projects, technology development for export and international strategic partnerships.

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Dr. Jeffrey Griffin
Vice-President of Science & Technology, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL)

Dr. Jeffrey Griffin is Vice-President of Science & Technology for Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL). In this role he manages a diverse portfolio of science and technology spanning fundamental research in physics, biology and chemistry through nuclear energy generation, health effect, environmental impacts, nuclear medicine and high impact global security programs.
Prior to joining CNL, Dr. Griffin led field operations for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Environmental Management (DOE-EM), providing strategic direction and policy leadership for environmental remediation at DOE-EM’s 16 field sites, a $7.2 billion annual program. Dr. Griffin also served as Associate Laboratory Director at the Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL), the U.S. DOE’s premier environmental cleanup laboratory, where he managed an $80M portfolio.
Among his career accomplishments, Dr. Griffin led the implementation of a risk reduction campaign to accelerate the closure of DOE-EM sites, resulting in multi-billion dollar cost savings; developed new business opportunities for the SRNL environmental management program to grow the program by 50%; and led U.S. national laboratory engagement with Tokyo Electric Power Company and other Japanese agencies in support of remediation efforts at the Fukushima Daiichi Power Station.

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Ian McKinley
Executive Consultant, McKinley Consulting

Ian has worked for over 4 decades in the multidisciplinary science underpinning radioactive waste management. After studying marine releases of radioactivity in Scotland and supporting the British nuclear waste disposal programme, he moved to Switzerland in the mid ‘80s. In addition to Nagra projects in Switzerland, he has collaborated intensively with colleagues in Japan for 3 decades, spending time as visiting professor at Nagoya and Okayama Universities. After the Fukushima Daiichi accident, he supported development of remediation projects and long-term management options for the reactor site. He is currently active in utilising advanced knowledge management tools to develop optimised, site-specific concepts for deep geological disposal and produce associated safety cases.

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Dan Schreiner
Senior Product Manager, Nuclear, Reuter-Stokes, a Baker Hughes business

As Senior Product Manager, Dan manages the Reuter-Stokes Nuclear Instrumentation product line. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Clarkson University and an Executive MBA from Kent State University. Dan has been with the company since 2019 and brings experience as a mechanical engineer, project manager, and engineering manager to his current role.
In this current capacity, Dan establishes and executes growth strategies to make Reuter-Stokes a market leader in nuclear instrumentation for the existing nuclear fleet and the rapidly developing Small Modular Reactor market. He also partners with the operations and commercial teams to position Reuter-Stokes for continued growth.
Currently a resident of Akron, OH, Dan grew up in western NY and remains an avid Buffalo sports fan. When he’s not working on Reuter-Stokes growth strategies or watching a hockey game, you’ll likely find him mountain biking.

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Eric McGoey
Communications and Engagement Director, Global First Power

Eric worked in the Ontario government for over a decade, as both a civil servant and senior political advisor, and then in the resource sector focusing on sustainable resources and community economic development, energy, land-use planning, and Indigenous partnerships. Eric joined OPG in 2014 as Director of Provincial Relations, and has also served as (Acting) Director of Indigenous Relations, and Director of Stakeholder Relations for Renewable Generation before joining the New Nuclear Development team.

In addition to serving as GFP’s Director of Engagement and Communications, Eric coordinates OPG’s work on a pan-Canadian deployment strategy for SMRs, working with SaskPower, Bruce Power, and New Brunswick Power, as well as Ministries of Energy and Environment in Saskatchewan, Ontario, and New Brunswick, under the terms of the Interprovincial Collaboration MOU signed by the three provinces in December of 2019.

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Tighe Smith
VP Business Development, Paragon

Tighe has spent the last 15+ years working in various roles in the commercial nuclear power industry. His experience includes product development, safety-related product and system sales and nuclear business management. He has a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering, is a graduate of the University of Tennessee's MBA program and served in the United States Army National Guard.

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Rory O’Sullivan
Chief Executive Officer, North America, Moltex

Rory O’Sullivan is the Chief Executive Officer, North America at Moltex. He joined the company as Chief Operating Officer in the UK, before moving to Canada to set up the North American business. Rory began his career as an award-winning project manager at the Bouygues group, running £50m+ projects. With a passion for delivering clean, low-cost energy to the world, he later co-founded Energy Process Developments Ltd to pursue advanced nuclear and led a government-funded feasibility study on the development of a prototype molten salt reactor. Rory sat on the IAEA MSR advisory committee and was a Forbes 30 and 30 Standout. He earned a first class honours degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering from Trinity College Dublin and a degree in Mechanical Design Engineering from INSA Lyon in France.

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Kalev Kallemets
Co-founder, CEO, Fermi Energy

Kalev Kallemets, Ph.D., is co-founder and CEO of Fermi Energia, established in early 2019 by local nuclear energy professionals and businessmen to develop Small Modular Reactor deployment in Estonia. Mr. Kallemets earned his Ph.D. from Tallinn University of Technology studying economics of oil shale, which is quickly becoming uneconomic as a power generation fuel due to high CO2 prices in European Union.
Mr. Kallemets has completed a nuclear energy economics course at Technical University of Munich in 2009. He has extensive working experience including an Estonian private energy company VKG, Ministry of Economic Affairs and as a Member of Parliament of Estonia.

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Elena Pashina
Marketing Director, Rusatom Overseas (Rosatom Group)

Elena Pashina has been with Rusatom Ovrseas for over 7 years. As the Marketing Director she is working to bring Rosatom energy solutions to the market through international marketing communications, also performing analytical energy market research to ensure that Rosatom Integrated Offer for large scale NPPs, SMRs, floating NPPs and Centres for Nuclear science and technology fully meet market needs and stands at the highest level of competitiveness. Elena is a member of IAEA Technical Working Groups and WNA SMR task force on SMRs where she advocates the benefits of SMRs, engages in expert discussions on SMR markets and challenges and presents Rosatom referenced SMR technologies. She has been an invited speaker at IAEA Scientific Conference on nuclear non-energy applications in 2018 and 2019. She has also been speaking at WNA Symposium in 2019 on the role of Nuclear energy in countries’ sustainable development. Elena is also an invited speaker of World Nuclear University.

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Dr. Björn Peters
Chief Financial Officer, Dual Fluid Energy Inc.

Dr. Björn Peters is a physicist and started his career as a consultant at McKinsey&Comp. In the 20+ years of his career, he worked with top management at Deutsche Börse and Deutsche Bank AG, responsible for commodity and energy markets. He is the founder of a number of closed-end funds investing into power stations. In 2016, he founded the private research and consultancy firm Peters Coll., specializing in commodity, energy and storage business. Since 2020, he has served Dual Fluid as CFO.

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Ali Siddiqui
Acting Head of Directorate, Advanced Reactors, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL)

Ali Siddiqui has been with CNL for over ten years serving in various technical and management roles in the S&T mission and corporate office. In his current role his accountabilities include oversight of CNL’s Advanced Reactors Directorate and associated research programs, strategic planning, development of new S&T opportunities and support for the SMR deployment project at CNL. He currently represents CNL and Canada on a number of domestic and international working groups and committees. Mr. Siddiqui holds a master’s degree in aerospace engineering and is a professional engineer in Ontario.

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