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Intelligent Network Sensor Solutions for Efficient Tunnel Operation

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IT networks in traffic infrastructure have quickly developed in the last years and are available throughout tunnels. Smart sensors connected to IT networks offer possibilities like remote maintenance, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, notification, data logging or validation, such improve reliability of the tunnel ventilation and availability of the tunnel for the tunnel users and reduce maintenance efforts and cost for the tunnel operator.

Presentation of JES sensors for air characterization and lighting control in tunnels, methods and principles of measurements, advantages of
a) cross-section air flow monitoring
b) light scattering for visibility measurement
c) electrochemical gas detection
d) luminance measurement for optimization of light efficiency
Design of JES smart/architecture and benefits of ‘networked’ sensors for operation and maintenance in tunnels.

Requirements for sustainable and cost-efficient tunnel operation:
a) Presentation of ‘Tunnel Digitalization Center’ Hagerbach (CH).
b) Reports of engineering partners regarding latest projects in Brazil (Tamoios) and Croatia for commissioning and refurbishment of tunnels.
Question and answer section on application aspects. Tunnel safety equipment regarding the needs of tunnel operators, planning consultants and tunnel constructors.

The webinar is a perfect opportunity to get an overview about JES product portfolio and use cases. To find your contact partner in your region DURAG Sales & Service as JES sales partner is providing an international sales network all around the world. JES smart sensor solutions are targeting the lowest life cycle cost by using newest technological standards. Register now for JES webinar to get a better understanding of smart tunnel safety engineered in the tunnel country Austria.

Key Learning Objectives

  • State of the art methods for air characteristics monitoring.
  • Total cost of ownership vs. purchase cost.
  • Benefits of ‘networked’ sensors.
  • Energy efficient tunnel lighting control.


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Ricardo Miranda Rodrigues
Technical Consultant, Mirabit Consultoria e Treinamento Ltda
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Rune Brandt
CEO of HBI- Haerter AG, Senior Project Manager responsible for road tunnel division
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Veronika Petschen
Managing Director, SCAUT Swiss Center of Applied Underground Technologies
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Mladen Tomljanovic
System Engineer, Nabla plus d.o.o.
Next speaker
Fabien Burato
Managing Director DURAG Sales & Service
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Özcan Celebi
Business Developer / Sales Engineer / Project Coordinator, Siemens AG
Next speaker
René Jung
Managing Director JES Elektrotechnik GmbH, Academic Tunnel Safety Expert
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