Solving Buffer Supply Challenges

On-demand buffer production using new Single Use technology

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The Bioprocess industry has an urgent need for large quantities of buffers. Coupled with supply chain disruption caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, this has put additional pressure on drug manufacturers. To secure buffer supplies in sufficient quantities, manufacturers need to have extensive warehouse space for drum storage and the capacity to receive multiple deliveries of large amounts of buffer every week.

An alternative to buffer delivery, the industry can turn to automated stainless steel dilution systems or making buffers by hand in single-use vessels. Stainless steel dilution systems can have a lead time of six months or longer, demand a large site footprint, and require validated cleaning procedures before use. These methods of buffer creation pose challenges for biopharmaceutical manufactures, and their chosen method is key to the overall success or failure of their operation.

This webinar will examine the existing challenges with buffer delivery and creation while exploring customer driven solutions. We will introduce how advances in mixing technologies can assist biopharmaceutical manufacturers to consistently produce on-demand or bulk buffer. This encompasses a new technology which gently mixes concentrate and WFI to produce buffer, without foaming, that can be observed in stainless steel equipment.

Register today to begin optimizing your buffer creation through a streamlined process allowing for on-demand production at the point of use.

Key learning objectives

  • Addressing challenges surrounding buffer manufacturing post-pandemic
  • Recognize limitations of existing approaches for buffer manufacturing
  • Learn about a unique solution for efficient on demand buffer creation

Target audience

  • Upstream Process Development
  • Upstream Processing Managers
  • Quality Assurance
  • Operations Managers
  • Manufacturing Science and Technology
  • Process Engineering
  • Process Sciences
  • Manufacturing Services
  • Manufacturing Support


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Zach Welch
Systems Sales Specialist

Zach supports clients with application development, project scope, and process specifications for Parker SciLog capital systems. With hands-on manufacturing experience, Zach brings valuable knowledge and understanding on both the equipment and how it will be used by operators. He has played a key role in partnering with biopharmaceutical manufacturers to specify automated single-use bioprocessing solutions for TFF, NFF, Filter & Dispense, and Inline Dilution applications which fit end user’s needs. Zach joined Parker as a Northeast Territory Sales Manager focused on single-use technologies encompassing small-scale bench-top systems, bioprocess containers, manifold assemblies, sterile filtration, and sensor products. Zach received his undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

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Aradhana Singh
Systems Sales Specialist

Aradhana supports clients with internal testing services, process specifications, and proposal preparations for Parker SciLog capital systems. As an analytical chemist with quality control experience, Aradhana has previously led the Bioscience laboratories as the Lab Manager. Using her experience in the Life Science industry, she focused on new product development, quality assurance, and developed internal infrastructure to support Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). Aradhana brings both her scientific and quality knowledge and experiences to develop and grow the SciLog system platform solutions of Filter & Dispense, Inline Dilution, Normal Flow Filtration, and Tangential Flow Filtration applications to meet the client’s needs.

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