Successful Neobanks and Fintechs have their heads in the cloud

Neobanks of the future are differing from the banks of today with many opting for a cloud first approach for a sustainable business growth

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Why attend?

Neobanks continue to attract new funding for expansion, but spending only what is absolutely essential while they are yet to achieve profitability remains the most sustainable approach.

The new generation of digital banks have realised that ‘turnover is vanity, profit is sanity and no longer measure their performance just by the number of customers they have signed up but rather their ability to monetise these customers. This approach is much more sustainable as it does not depend on raising new funding on a regular basis.

The cloud plays a vital role in sustainable growth, allowing neobanks to adopt a ‘pay as you grow’ model that spreads expenditure over a longer timeframe, giving the business breathing space to reach profitability. Digital-native banks already have a number of advantages in that they don’t require expensive physical branches and use automated processes to reduce the number of employees required.

The webinar will shed more light on how cloud technology is a true enabler for visionary banks and their founders that deliver on a bold vision, while keeping their heads on the cloud.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learning more about what is essential for Neobanks when they opt for cloud solutions
  • Successful Neobanks around the world and how they do it
  • The blend of technology Neobanks tend to select and why


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Michalis Michaelides
Director Of Sales And Business Development, Europe

Global business development specialist with strong emphasis in the payments technology sector, with over 25 years of experience in diverse markets such as Europe, Middle East, Africa and India. Working with both established corporates as well as ambitious startups to help them bring to life their value propositions and build lasting consumer experiences.

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Angelo Dimarkis
Head of Sales - Europe

Angelo has been in the payments and banking software industry over for 20+ years, serving various highly recognised, US and European-based Payment Services providers and Payment Software companies. His main customer experience is with Banks, Fintechs, and Startups in the Payments and Finance industry

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