Sustainable Packaging Virtual Conference

Sustainable Packaging virtual conference will provide expert content and key insights from top industry speakers in FMCG and retail, who are driving change in the sustainable packaging arena. The programme will be a mix of presentations, panels, and live QA sessions that will spark inspiration for new objectives and chart the path for new ways of achieving existing goals.

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Why attend?

Despite the progress made in recent years it is clear that the entire industry needs to improve to meet the changing consumer and stakeholder expectations – not to mention resource challenges - on how packaging should be managed, what collaborations are needed to drive the industry forward and the future changes and challenges in packaging sustainability, circularity  and food safety. 

Recyclability in the design, recovery in the market, recycling and the creation of secondary materials are all areas where we have to make a lot of progress, and fast. 

Every time we design or redesign a package gives us the opportunity to improve on sustainability. Therefore it is important to regularly exchange knowledge on newest advances and to update the understanding of the global environment we operate in. 

As organisations plan their strategy for the next decade and determine their own sustainable packaging goals, many have questions about how they can set goals that fit their company, and then how to create viable actions plans making sustainable packaging a commercial reality. 

Sustainable Packaging virtual conference will provide expert content and key insights from top industry speakers in FMCG and retail, who are driving change in the sustainable packaging arena. The programme will be a mix of presentations, panels, and live QA sessions that will spark inspiration for new objectives and chart the path for new ways of achieving existing goals. 


12:00 PM

Accelerating the transition to a circular economy for plastics


12:25 PM


12:45 PM

Partnerships as enabler to drive sustainable innovation

• Identify new possibilities through actual challenges taking advantage of cooperation to encourage brand progress and sustainable innovations
• Circular economy as a multi-functional and cross industries eco system: classic customer-supplier relationship does not seem to be efficient anymore and new models with multiple companies involved via consortiums is required for closing the loop of the full circular economy
• Case studies of successful launches involving multiple partners in holistic product innovation propositions


1:30 PM

UK VS EU LAWS: Plastic Tax and the future of plastic packaging

• Changes to EU packaging and labelling laws and how will these affect manufacturers and brand owners
• Post Brexit law changes, what is relevant to you and your company?
• The UK Plastic Pact & what it involves for the manufacturer and provider

1:55 PM


2:00 PM

Main challenges of creating 100% fully recyclable plastic materials

• Technology advances helping to bring additional value to the industry - Pros and cons
• The role of mono material plastics and how they impact the waste reduction
• R&D innovation involving technology that is ensuring better plastic combinations

2:05 PM

The 360 effect

• Supply and demand. How to achieve a fully functioning circular economy when the demand is unstable?
• Required investment and solutions for a more sustainable waste and recycling sector
• What does sustainability really mean? Do people perceive it differently?

2:40 PM

The push for ‘Sustainable E

• How will the global pandemic situation impact E-Commerce and the need for a more sustainable packaging?
• What it means to go eco for packaged good companies in the e-commerce market and what are the main challenges and opportunities?
• Ensuring e-commerce packaging covers all relevant requirements from recyclability to cost effectiveness, functionality, protection and opportunity for future development

3:15 PM

Conscious and sustainable glass packaging trends

• Is glass packaging actually sustainable?
• Paper vs Glass: search for the most eco-friendly material
• How do brands adopt practices to recover and reuse their glass materials in search of a circular and nonlinear life model?

3:50 PM

Biodegradable materials and the reuse effect. Best choice for manufacturers and brand owners

• Exploring the opportunities and challenges that emerge from transitioning to a plastic free market
• How will this innovation affect the industry and what will happen to the plastic manufactures?
• Understanding and engaging customers by offering a new sustainable experience using digital shopping
• Can biodegradable materials offer a 100% sustainable and cost effective solution? What are the main factors to take into account?

4:25 PM

Panel Discussion: Flexible Packaging – the challenge of recycling and the role of new technologies

• The economic challenges of collecting and recycling flexible packaging
• How can we organize collection and recycling for success in Europe and beyond?
• Which are the most promising technologies to address sorting and recycling effectively?
• What is the role and prospect of chemical recycling?


5:10 PM

End of Conference


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Graham Houlder
Project Coordinator and Managing Director, CEFLEX
Next speaker
Krzysztof Krajewski
Packaging Sustainability Director, Reckitt

Krzysztof Krajewski is currently Director Packaging Sustainability – Hygiene in Reckitt based in Amsterdam - Schiphol. The aim for this role is focusing on two functional areas: Regional-Global Sustainability – where a key to success is rapid implementation of multiple projects that fit local, individual countries recycling rules and sourcing complexity with launches at scale with meaningful volumes that have a tangible impact on delivery towards Reckitt 2025 sustainability pledge. The other functional area is Sustainable Packaging Innovation and Polymer Science (both embedded within R&D functions) which are facing towards future of recycling methodologies, next generation renewable and bio degradable replacement materials. Krzysztof started his career 20 years ago in plastics processing industry (converter in blow-moulding, injection moulding) and one of the first recycling plants in Poland. After moving to FMCG sector and joining Reckitt 15 years, ago Krzysztof embarked on his professional trip across several geographies as Regional Packaging Manager in Singapore, Cluster Packaging Manager in Venice area and lastly as Head of Packaging Innovation (Home) and most recently as Director of Packaging Sustainability in The Netherlands – HQ of Reckitt’s Hygiene business unit.

Next speaker
Sander Defruyt
Lead, New Plastics Economy, Ellen Macarthur Foundation

Sander Defruyt leads the New Plastics Economy initiative at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which aims to bring together key stakeholders across the globe to rethink and redesign the future of plastics. With a background in mechanical engineering, prior to working at the Foundation, Sander worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. During this time, he was part of the core team publishing the report: ‘Growth Within: a circular economy vision for a competitive Europe

Next speaker
Sergio Perelman
Director Global Packaging Sustainability, Mondelez International

Sergio M. Perelman leads Global Packaging Sustainability at Mondelez International. He is a passionate believer in the role of packaging in driving sustainable and resilient food and consumer goods supply systems. He has held responsibility for packaging development, engineering, and procurement in the consumer goods sector for 29 years in Unilever, Clorox and now Mondelēz International.

Sergio was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and has lived and worked in 5 countries across the Americas and Europe. His experience in packaging sustainability started in Europe 13 years ago and spans both retail and food service segments.

Sergio graduated Summa Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Buenos Aires University and holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from the Argentine Institute of Business Development.

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