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Optimizing Your Clinical Data Flow and End User Experiences for Data Management, Clinical Operations and Biostatistics

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Why attend?

The last two years has seen rapid progress in the adoption of digital platforms by Life Sciences companies that are finding ways to accelerate clinical development.

The variety, velocity and volume of clinical and operational data has increased drastically, and researchers are looking for new ways to unlock the value of all these data while not creating new bottlenecks in the clinical development process. Great enthusiasm for redesigning the participation experience in clinical research relying on decentralized platforms and models is also driving significant changes in numerous downstream processes.

With 75% of life sciences companies still relying on Excel and SAS to integrate data across sources new approaches are needed to modernize research.

This webinar will discuss these challenges and how different roles including clinical operations, data management, and biostatistics are working with modern clinical data clouds to solve these challenges and speeding the time to data access and insight.

The expert panelists from different roles will discuss their experienced-based perspectives on:

  • Challenges data management, clinical operations and biostatistics teams are experiencing due to the increased volume, variety and velocity of data 
  • The way that modern technology platforms address these challenges
  • New end user experiences that trial managers, data managers, clinical operations leaders, and clinical programmers can have when data are centralized and continuously available
  • How the clinical data ecosystem is changing

Target Audience

  • Clinical Data Manager
  • Clinical Operations
  • Head of R&D
  • IT


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Robert Musterer
Vice President, Product Management – eClinical Solutions

A life sciences industry veteran and clinical systems expert, Rob Musterer has over 25 years of experience in clinical programming, biostatistics and data management in large pharmaceutical companies including Bayer Healthcare and Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals. Rob most recently served as President of ER Squared, Inc., a life sciences consulting firm with an e-clinical focus. Rob began in pharma as a data manager. Seeing possibilities to improve the model, he engaged in early deployments of electronic data capture (EDC) systems and championed the change management required to adopt EDC. Rob has dedicated his career to helping the life sciences industry obtain greater time-to-value from their solutions and break from historical clinical research processes through innovation. His expertise extends far beyond EDC and includes data management services, clinical trial programming, data repositories, data visualization, clinical trial management systems (CTMS), standardization, validation and more.

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Thierry Escudier
Principal, DCRIPT

Thierry has 30+ years of experience in clinical development, digital innovation implementation/transformation and patient centricity for life sciences organizations, CROs and vendors. He works toward building success in clinical trials through digital innovation, decentralized trial adoption, and increasing the engagement of all the stakeholders in the clinical trial lifecycle.

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Berber Snoeijer
Business Consultant, ClinLine

Berber Snoeijer started in clinical research in 1997 as a biometrician and has since then worked with clinical data in different functions. In 2001 she started a CRO, Biometric Support, aiming at the data management, data analysis and reporting of clinical trials. She switched in 2011 to work as a R&D manager dedicated to investigate and utilize the potential of real world data from electronic health records. This resulted in many different solutions including a full reporting system to give feedback information to clinical research professionals.

For efficient processes and use of the data, she experienced and used the skills of technical (software and database) engineering, process engineering and improving efficient utilization and interactions of people based on management drives. Nowadays, she uses these skills and knowledge to assess, design and improve business solutions and processes on smaller and larger scale.

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