GSEF 3rd Edition – 5G technology readiness and commercialisation

Presentations, case studies, panels and live Q&A sessions will bring the latest progress and innovations in the 5G technology straight to your desktop.





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Why attend?

5G innovation is the foundation of data-driven transformation and will change the way everyone – companies, governments, and consumers – interacts and does business, leading to ground-breaking innovations and services. It brings a step change in the connectivity that is now possible for end-users, and the Internet of Things (IoT). It offers higher speeds and capacity, lower latency, and more reliability. This in turn paves the way for many more innovative use cases, such as autonomous vehicles, robots, automated machines, greater factory automation, augmented and virtual reality, delivered at scale and cost effectively, through a multipurpose network of unprecedented flexibility. Growth will accelerate in the coming years, supported by increased spectrum availability and operator investment in network rollouts, with 3 billion subscribers by 2025. Presentations, case studies, panels and live Q&A sessions will bring the latest progress and innovations in the 5G technology straight to your desktop.

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2:00 PM

HEADLINE SPONSOR PRESENTATION: The expansion of mobile mmWave deployments and applications

• Understanding the need for differentiated high data rate user experiences and system efficiencies
• Unpacking new developments in higher bandwidth mmWave deployments and their role in the delivery of 5G use cases
• How 5G mmWave is disrupting packaging technologies with the entry of new packaging architectures and platforms

2:30 PM

KEYNOTE PANEL: The evolution of 5G and the roadmap to 6G

• How has the growth in 5G network rollouts in 2020-21 been?
• What is the business case for the next generation of connectivity?
• As we move ahead in the standards, what exactly do we need 6G to deliver?


3:20 PM

PRESENTATION: The future of connected cars and mobility with 5G

• Evaluating the opportunity created by 5G for automotive and mobility solutions
• 5G NR expansion and C-V2X adoption

3:50 PM

Networking Break

4:10 PM

INTERVIEW: What is the role of 5G in accelerating digital transformation?

• vRAN and NFV: understanding technologies and implementation opportunity and the impact on hardware to software evolution?
• Intelligent IP Networks, accelerating the transformation towards intelligent connectivity
• Analysing the demand for higher performance chips

4:40 PM

PRESENTATION: 5G packaging technology and new opportunities for SiP business


5:10 PM

CLOSING PANEL DISCUSSION: ‘The internet of vehicles’: continuing the momentum of C

• Understanding how C-V2X fuels the automotive connected revolution
• Evaluating the role of edge computing in next gen connected vehicles
• How can 5G and C-V2X continue to be integrated in the future?


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Eric Hardouin
Vice President, Ambient Connectivity Research, Orange Labs

Eric Hardouin is the director of the “Ambient Connectivity” research domain of Orange Labs, which investigates future access and transport networks and technologies, as well as related business models. Eric received his Ph.D. degree in signal processing and telecommunications from Telecom Bretagne and the University of Rennes 1, France, in 2004. Since 2004, he has been with Orange Labs, where he first conducted or supervised research on interference mitigation for mobile networks. Between 2008 and 2013 he represented Orange in the physical layer standardization group of 3GPP (RAN WG1) for HSPA, LTE and LTE-Advanced. From 2012 to 2015, Eric led the research on wireless networks in Orange Labs. Eric had a leading role in the NGMN 5G White Paper, as co-lead of the work on 5G requirements. Eric is the author of the book “LTE et les réseaux 4G” (in French).

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Matthew Gooding
News Editor, Tech Monitor

Matthew Gooding is news editor for Tech Monitor and specialises in reporting on developments in the semiconductor industry. A former business editor of the Cambridge News, he has worked in journalism for 13 years, spending the last seven in business-related roles covering topics including life science and deep technology.

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Maxime Flament

Maxime Flament represents 5GAA, the global cross-industry association for the development of connected and automated cars, where he has worked as Chief Technology Officer since 2018. Maxime was previously the Head of Department for Connected & Automated Driving (CAD) at ERTICO – ITS Europe. For 15 years, he has been a leading contributor to many European and international activities on road safety, connected vehicles, automated driving, large-scale pilots and digital mapping. Maxime holds a Ph.D. E.E. (2002) and M.Sc. E.E. (1997) from Chalmers Technical University, Sweden. He also holds a Civil Engineering degree from the Free University of Brussels (1997). In 2001, he was visiting researcher at Stanford University, California, USA.

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Ruurd Boomsma

Chief Technology Officer of Besi, covering all aspects of technology roadmaps and developments plans for all equipment developed at Besi. Also responsible for strategic supply chain management and overall quality. Received a master’s degree in Technical Physics focus on Semiconductor Physics and High Vacuum Technology from the State University of Groningen the Netherlands. Started working in the semiconductor industry in 1984. Initially in front end equipment at ASM followed by MRC and later Unaxis and now over 10 years active at Besi. Tasks included work on supply chain Asia, reorganising the plating activities, held final responsibility for all the Die Attach activities worldwide, now CTO of Besi.

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Volker Ziegler
6G Leadership, Nokia Bell Labs

Volker is an energetic leader with 25+ years of broad and international experience in the telecommunications industry. He is known for his strong commitment to customer and team achievements. Throughout his career he has demonstrated an ability to meet and exceed targets through strong intellectual grasp, excellent leadership skills, and a strong focus on creating new opportunities and business development impact. In his current role of 6G leadership with Nokia Bell Labs, the industrial research and scientific development arm of Nokia, he leads Nokia digital transformation initiatives aimed at exploring and leveraging innovations with customers and partners in the fledgling ecosystem for the 6G era. In his previous role as Head of 5G Leadership and Chief Architect of Nokia Mobile Networks, Volker played a key role in defining Nokia e2e 5G offering and positioning Nokia strongly in 5G and associated innovation, technologies and architecture. Prior to this, Volker served in Head of Strategy roles of the company and as Head of the North East region, helping gain market share in many key markets, including Scandinavia, Russia and Turkey.

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